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Helen Harris


Hello folks!

I’m Helen and would love to work with you and your teams as you begin your HOP implementation journey.  I’ve been working in various parts of the oil and gas industry since 1997 and transitioned to safety roles in 2005.  Since then I’ve worked in petrochemical plants and for Oil and Gas service companies.  The best thing about working for service companies has been the chance to experience several industries in one – engineering with R&D, manufacturing, electronic assembly, explosives assembly and deployment, radiation safety (ionizing radiation and NORM), shipping and receiving.  Working in large facilities with 2,400 employees under one roof and with smaller organizations with a large percentage of employees being remote workers.  Every day at these organizations was an incredible learning opportunity.


After meeting Dr. Todd Conklin in 2012, my eyes were opened to a new view of safety where influencers take advantage of frontline operational knowledge to improve working conditions and reduce workplace hazards.  With a passion for safety and lifelong love of learning, I began exploring the works of Sidney Dekker, Erik Hollnagel, David Woods, Todd Conklin and other thought leaders in the fields of human and organizational performance and resilience and reliability.  After eight years of working as a full-time safety professional, an unwanted work assignment of incorporating principles of human and organizational performance into our business systems fundamentally changed how I accomplish my work as a safety professional.  Using these principles to provide coaching to operational leaders and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) teams has been instrumental in creating workplaces where leaders and frontline workers collaborate to proactively reduce hazards.  The value of these coaching opportunities has been priceless.


If you're starting you're HOP implementation journey and aren't sure where to start, please give me a call or send me and email.  I'm happy to help!

How to Get in Touch

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